Resume Services in Oakland California

Resume Services in Oakland California

When you need a professional resume, cover letter or a LinkedIn profile to help with your job search or career progression, you can always rely on for the best and most affordable solution.

We are seasoned professionals with close to 20 years' experience in resume writing and recruitment. Over the last two decades, we have built a legacy of success by delivering to our clients winning resumes that give a clear value proposition and make a convincing brand promise to prospective employers. This has ensured that 99% of our clients get invited to job interviews and are hired within 30 days.

Unlike other resume writing services in Oakland who outsource their jobs to writers overseas, we have invested in our own team of certified professional resume writers and personal branding strategists. This gives us total control over the quality of the documents that we produce, and we ensure that each resume and cover letter:

i. Gives precise and plausible reasons why the employer should hire you.
ii. Captures and brings out your personal brand and unique selling points.
iii. Has the right keyword density for your profession and industry.
iv. Tested for full compatibility with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and search engines.
v. Decently formatted to give a neat presentation.

Our services cater to the needs of diverse categories of clients in different professions. This includes lawyers, engineers, healthcare professionals, realtors, teachers, marketers and military personnel transiting into civilian careers.

For all your resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile writing needs, you have a reliable partner in us. We welcome you to try out our services and discover a new way to accelerate your career growth. Place your order today by visiting our home page and selecting your preferred service package.

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