Resume Design

When you need an elegant resume design to present your value proposition to prospective employers, you can always rely on our expertise at for the best and most affordable solutions. With our close to 20 years' experience in professional resume writing, you can bet that we have the expertise to deliver even on the most demanding resume design requirements. 

We are fully conversant with entry-level, technical, professional, and executive roles. We are experts, too, in ensuring ATS compatibility, which we achieve through a careful inclusion of the right industry keywords depending on the client's profession. 

For us, resume design is more than a convenient arrangement of a client’s current and past roles. Rather, it is about personal branding and presenting the candidate as the best fit for the job in question. This requires an in-depth understanding of the brand that we are selling, and so be ready to answer a few questions to assist us in this. 

It requires, too, experience in marketing communications and copywriting to pass the candidate’s value proposition across to the employer’s heart and mind. We achieve this through careful selection of the words with which to convey our clients' value proposition (diction), use of the best resume format, as well as the use of visual appeal (design) and marketing psychology - all baked together in a single document. This is what makes your new resume unstoppable! 

So, what's your most demanding resume design requirement? We are here for you. Just send us your current resume and tell us the kind of job that you are looking for. We will then create fresh content for the resume using details from your career history and then apply the latest resume design to make your new resume look amazing. We have done this for close to two decades, and we will gladly do the same for you!

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